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Davie Whitlock, founder of Dave’s, has over 28 years of experience in the home improvement and construction field. Dave’s was opened up with one main thing in mind “ customer satisfaction”. The whole company has been designed to satisfy our customers by providing fair pricing, quality workmanship, people to work with that have integrity, and a company that will stand with their customer as an advisor and an advocate.

“Covering All Your Home Improvement & Construction Needs”

Dave’s makes it simple for the home owner to get home improvement, construction, and repairs done easily. Call us for your free professional advice and a free estimate at (540) 392-3800.

Outstanding Customer Service in the New River Valley

Dave’s provides home improvement and construction services to all localities in the New River Valley. We created Dave’s Home Improvement with one thing in mind…CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!

I, Davie Whitlock, have been doing construction projects and home improvement projects for more than 28 years. My goal has always been to please the customer, by being professional, doing quality work/being on time, and keeping within the budget.

We are the one local service capable of handling all of your home improvement, construction, and home repair needs.

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